My wife and I discovered this video on the identity of the Star of Bethlehem by Rick Larson ( a few years ago and were absolutely speechless by his presentation and evidence. Viewing it has become a part of our annual Christian tradition, and I want to share it with you all now (full video below).

Larson treats the biblical Star of Bethlehem as a “puzzle or mystery” that can be solved, not as a metaphor or allegory, not as a miraculous sign in the sky that appeared and disappeared without a trace; in other words, a real celestial body that can be discovered by using astronomical technology.

After making a case for a new understanding of Christ’s birth around 2 B.C. (by looking at early manuscripts of Josephus), Larson utilizes 9 characteristics of the star in Matthew 2 to reveal what it really was. Some of those characteristics include:

  1. (Matthew 2:2b) The star must have risen in the east like other stars.
  2. (Matthew 2:7) Herod didn’t know when the star appeared, suggesting that the star was not an uncommon phenomenon (like a comet).
  3. (Matthew 2:9) The star “stopped.” But can a star really do such a thing?

When Larson’s case has been made and he finally reveals what his search has discovered, you will be blown away by the awesome majesty of the God of the universe.

I hope you enjoy this video and, on behalf of all of us at A Clear Lens, we hope you have a warm, safe, and joy-filled Christmas!

Speaker, Educator, President of A Clear Lens, Inc. and host of A Clear Lens Podcast. B.Sc., M.Ed. Lives in Las Vegas with his wife, two sons, and dogs.


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