This quick video has some interesting history about Apologetics.
Watch apologist J Warner Wallace explain why the Bible is a reliable document.
This video explores Nietzsche's observations on science's limitations.
The notion of objective morality is explored in this helpful video starring Dr. Peter Kreeft.
This cool video helps to explain how the universe is evidence for God based on Leibniz' cosmological argument.
In this 3 minute video, Jonathan McLatchie explains why the Trinity can be defended philosophically.
The folks at Stand to Reason have crafted an excellent video arguing for the rights of the unborn.
David Wood from Acts 17 explains why ISIS is following the Quran.
Dr. Jennifer Roeback Morse explains "The Essential Public Purpose of Marriage".
Dr. Bobby Conway explains the proper understanding of "firstborn" as it describes Jesus in the Bible.

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Does God’s Will Make Prayer Meaningless?

Answering the objection that prayer is meaningless because God's will is going to happen whether we pray or not.