Welcome to Episode 63 as well as our first ever VIDEO podcast!

On today’s episode Nate and Gene kick off their new video podcast with a 4th of July game. They also discuss some recent comments by Miley Cyrus for the latest Worldview Analysis segment. And Nate chats with Justin Brierley about the apologetics radio show Unbelievable? as well as Justin’s latest book of the same title.

For more information about Justin Brierley, check out premierchristianity.com!

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VIDEO Podcast Ep 63: Ten Years of Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley

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  1. Have guys looked at the video podcasts option ? I see that you can have an audio podcast channel but there are also video podcast channels on my iPhone.

    • That’s a great question, Trevor! We’re looking into all possibilities. I think, for now, YouTube is where our videos will live. Expanding that to other venues in the future is certainly something we’re considering.

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