Occasionally, I come across the assertion by some that the Bible portrays "two Gods." The God of the Old Testament is wrathful while the God of the New Testament is loving. But is that truly how God is depicted...
Three reasons why Christians are reasonable to believe in the afterlife.
"Ignorance and unbelief are understandable, but distorting one’s own history is a costly bias.” Vishal Mangalwadi warns in his publication, “The Book That Made Your World”. Yet a distortion of our own history is exactly what we’re seeing in many...
On our latest Worldview Analysis segment of A Clear Lens Podcast, Gene Gosewehr discusses with Nate Sala the worldview implications of Miley Cyrus' recent comments. Don't forget to peruse our brand new look at the ACL website (www.clearlens.org) and sign...
"To treat the Gnostic gospels as equally valid historical accounts is bad scholarship."

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Is The Resurrection of Jesus Falsifiable?

Since Christians claim that the resurrection of Jesus is a historical event, anyone can investigate the evidence for and against it.