Below are the top 10 most-read ACL posts in 2016. Thanks to everyone who has read our posts, shared them with friends and family, and has encouraged each of us to press on for the sake of Christ! May God bless you and keep you in 2017!

10. Skeptic Challenge: God Condones Rape – Does the Bible really condone rape in the Old Testament?

9. Comics Philosophy 101: The Joker and Nihilism – Some thoughts on the Joker as a representation of Nihilism as well as what follows from that worldview.

8. The Argument from Reason (in 12 Minutes) – Apologist David Wood uses wit and humor to explain the Argument from Reason.

7. Sorry, Christians: The Supernatural Does Not Exist – Why would God create a naturalistic world if he needed to thwart its laws every time He interacted within it?

6. Sorry, Christians: Macro-Evolution Does Exist – Many Christians hold to a faulty view of evolution.

5. Why Entertainment is Costing the Church its Young People – If this trend continues, within a few generations, the church will be dead.

4. No Original Documents: A Skeleton in God’s Closet? – The original wording of the New Testament is still intact despite the absence of original manuscripts.

3. From Convict to Christian: The Story of David Wood – Apologist David Wood shares his conversion story, one that is extraordinary to hear!

2. Why Atheism Is Not A Lack of Belief – Atheism is a proposition or a truth claim about the world.

1. Why Russell’s Teapot Fails – So the argument goes: we cannot conclusively prove that there is not a teapot orbiting the sun somewhere in outer space.



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