“What answer would you guys give to those who question Matt 24:34 and say, ‘See? They're dead, it's not real!’ I know that even C.S. Lewis struggled with it and while I've been studying this, the best rebuttals I've...
Responding to the claim that 1 and 2 Peter are forgeries because Peter was an illiterate fisherman.
Some of the best moments of our show in 2016 have been compiled for your listening pleasure! These "Best of" moments include Batman Youth Pastor, Trumpogetics University, Brock the Internet Atheist, Rapture Rob, "What Will He Say Next?" with...
As we discuss God as the creator of all, and particularly God’s sovereignty, interesting questions often come up. Sometimes they are questions that seem in and of themselves heretical, and we are afraid to ask them in a public...
“Do you have any thoughts on observing the Sabbath? I have been trying to make a picture of the ideal Sunday for a Christian in 2016 in the USA. And I am stuck. Many of us “have to” work...
“I’ve tried to believe in God. I want to believe, I really do, but I just can’t. He...just wasn’t there.” The silence of God is a problem for many. It is for me. I’d like to be confident that the...
A brief, collegiate discussion on whether Christians are still obligated to obey Old Testament commandments.
Although Jesus' claims to deity are more explicit in the Gospel of John, all three Synoptics present Jesus as divine.
The church is a bunch of ragtag misfits advancing God's Kingdom.
A collegiate essay investigating the role of the Holy Spirit in the sanctification of Christians.

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When you are confident enough to entertain arguments for the other side, you will become even more confident in the truth of Christianity.