Nate explains how "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" helps us to understand people's reactions to God and the team discusses the problem of evil and why it shows there is a God.
Nate explains a shift taking place in apologetics and why it's encouraging, and he takes questions from Facebook.
Nate provides historical context in order to explain why Jesus' communion at the Last Supper is so meaningful, and he interviews Dr. Gary Habermas about his minimal facts of the resurrection.
Nate spends the entire episode chatting with Dr. Kenneth Samples about his latest book: Classic Christian Thinkers.
Nate shares some insights into biblical discipleship (and why it matters today), and the team provides apologetic arguments for the resurrection of Jesus.
God's wisdom can be portrayed as foolish but can God's love be portrayed as reckless?
On this episode we take the show to Facebook Live!Nate welcomes our Facebook Live listeners (:29)Nate welcomes Gene and Logan (12:38)Worldview Analysis: Spiderman Into the Spiderverse (15:00)Q&A: What Are Your Thoughts About the Gillette Commercial? (22:47)What Are...
On this episode:Nate makes a few announcements, including our biggest book giveaway yet (:29)Nate welcomes Gene (4:42)Nate and Gene play a Christmas movie trivia game (6:52)No, Christmas Does Not Have Pagan Origins & The Real Saint Nick... Transcript: Welcome friends! It’s time for another episode of A Clear Lens Podcast! My name is Nate Sala, and I’m glad you’re listening. If you are feeling frustrated, perhaps impatient, because you have the desire to serve God (whether that...
On this episode: Nate shares a couple of important thoughts for Christian voters (:29) Nate welcomes Gene and Logan (10:24) Gene breaks down the worldview of "Jesus At the Polls" (12:08) What's the Church's Problem with LGBT Theology? (19:14) Sign up for our unique...

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