“Do you have any thoughts on observing the Sabbath? I have been trying to make a picture of the ideal Sunday for a Christian in 2016 in the USA. And I am stuck. Many of us “have to” work...
In response to the previous episode, Nate and Gene (Logan is off on safari) sit down with Chris Date of rethinkinghell.com to discuss Chris' take on hell and annihilationism. Be sure to check out Chris' website for more on...
Welcome to our 46th episode! (Don't forget, our 50th episode is coming soon!) Nate, Gene, and Logan take a break from guests in order to hear a new interpretation of Thriller in light of the 2016 election, answer a question...
“I’ve tried to believe in God. I want to believe, I really do, but I just can’t. He...just wasn’t there.” The silence of God is a problem for many. It is for me. I’d like to be confident that the...
A brief, collegiate discussion on whether Christians are still obligated to obey Old Testament commandments.
Although Jesus' claims to deity are more explicit in the Gospel of John, all three Synoptics present Jesus as divine.
The church is a bunch of ragtag misfits advancing God's Kingdom.
A collegiate essay investigating the role of the Holy Spirit in the sanctification of Christians.
A short, collegiate essay on what the Scripture teaches about the ultimate fate of non-believers.
In parts 1 and 2 I gave my reasons for accepting the traditional view of what “Sons of God” means in Genesis 6:2 and 4. In part 1 I put forth the deconstructive side of the argument by showing...

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Atheism is the Burger King of Worldviews

The more and more I examine atheism, the more and more the inconsistencies surface, the more and more atheists continue to ‘have it their way’ is the more and more I foresee the demise of the worldview.