In response to the previous episode, Nate and Gene (Logan is off on safari) sit down with Chris Date of to discuss Chris' take on hell and annihilationism. Be sure to check out Chris' website for more on...
On today's episode Nate, Gene, and Logan, welcome Brian Godawa back to the show. Brian has recently published his latest book Tyrant: Rise of the Beast and joined the gang to play a round of Fact or Fib and...
Is believing in God really like believing in flying pasta?
Does the Bible really condone rape in the Old Testament?
“Do you have any thoughts on observing the Sabbath? I have been trying to make a picture of the ideal Sunday for a Christian in 2016 in the USA. And I am stuck. Many of us “have to” work...
“There are far too many embarrassing details about the supposed heroes of the faith to be invented.” --Frank Turek
“Little doubt surrounds the claim that the kingdom of God was central to the message of the historical Jesus. The expression and its equivalents (‘kingdom,’ ‘kingdom of heaven’) occur more than 100 times in the Synoptics alone. The present...
"yes, people can actually disagree with you on this issue and still love the Lord."
Happy Easter! On today's episode Nate, Gene, and Logan, play a round of "Clickbait Bible" and chat about the worldview of the sci-fi movie "Life" starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. Finally, Nate chats with philosopher and theologian Dr. Gary...
Greg Koukl and Deepak Chopra discuss a broad range of topics in 5 minutes.

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Atheism is the Burger King of Worldviews

The more and more I examine atheism, the more and more the inconsistencies surface, the more and more atheists continue to ‘have it their way’ is the more and more I foresee the demise of the worldview.