“What answer would you guys give to those who question Matt 24:34 and say, ‘See? They're dead, it's not real!’ I know that even C.S. Lewis struggled with it and while I've been studying this, the best rebuttals I've...
A collegiate essay investigating the role of the Holy Spirit in the sanctification of Christians.
“I’ve tried to believe in God. I want to believe, I really do, but I just can’t. He...just wasn’t there.” The silence of God is a problem for many. It is for me. I’d like to be confident that the...
This represents an authentic exchange between a challenger of the Christian worldview and Nate. To email a question and/or challenge send an email to: aclearlens@gmail.com.
Welcome to our 46th episode! (Don't forget, our 50th episode is coming soon!) Nate, Gene, and Logan take a break from guests in order to hear a new interpretation of Thriller in light of the 2016 election, answer a question...
A short, collegiate essay on what the Scripture teaches about the ultimate fate of non-believers.
"yes, people can actually disagree with you on this issue and still love the Lord."
A brief, collegiate discussion on whether Christians are still obligated to obey Old Testament commandments.
Welcome to our 40th episode!
Does the Bible really condone rape in the Old Testament?

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