Should Christians pray, "Lead us not into temptation"?
On this episode, Nate answered questions like: What are some tactics to get an apatheist to start caring about the Gospel?
On this episode, Nate talked about Dr. Norm Geisler's influence on apologetics, and he answered questions in "Ask Nate Anything" segment.
On this episode, Nate answered questions like: Do you think there are any credible arguments against Christianity?
On this episode, Nate gives a sermon on how Jesus words in Luke 6:40 provide a clear picture of discipleship today.
On this episode, Nate and the team discuss the top threats to the Christian faith in 2019, and their answers may surprise you!
On this episode, Nate talked about where to start in evangelism, what he would do if Jesus' bones were discovered, and more!
Nate explains how "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" helps us to understand people's reactions to God and the team discusses the problem of evil and why it shows there is a God.
Nate explains a shift taking place in apologetics and why it's encouraging, and he takes questions from Facebook.
Nate provides historical context in order to explain why Jesus' communion at the Last Supper is so meaningful, and he interviews Dr. Gary Habermas about his minimal facts of the resurrection.

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