Nate SalaPresident, Author, Host of A Clear Lens Podcast

Nate is a speaker, educator, and creator of A Clear Lens, Inc. After converting to Christianity he realized that apologetics is a necessary component of evangelism in the 21st century. In 2013 he created A Clear Lens to help Christians merge theology and apologetics in their conversations. His degrees (B.Sc. in Religion; M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction) give Nate a unique insight into the teaching and communication methods of Christ. His focus at A Clear Lens is transforming the Christian faith into an effective method of communication called First Date Evangelism.

Gene GosewehrCo-host of A Clear Lens Podcast

Gene is a preacher and deacon at his local congregation where he teaches a high school apologetics class. While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Geomatics Engineering at Purdue University, Gene was challenged to consider the evidence for the Bible as a reliable historical document. Through much study and self-reflection, he became convinced of the truth of the Scriptures and devoted his life to Christ in 2004. Husband to LeighAnn and father of three, Gene is active in youth sports in his community and always seeking to engage in discussions on philosophy and theology.

Logan JudyAuthor, Co-host of A Clear Lens Podcast

Logan is a communications professional by day, and an apologist and author by night. Since having his faith challenged in college, Logan has developed a passion for defending the faith and converging apologetics and story. An author of three science fiction novels, Logan spends his time writing fiction, articles for A Clear Lens, and other materials on faith and the arts. At A Clear Lens, Logan focuses on the intersection of apologetics and worldview, in film and literature as well as current events. He aims to help Christians use culture to foster meaningful discussions with those of differing worldviews.

Alex AiliAuthor

Alex was raised in rural Minnesota in a Christian home. He grew up with an active imagination but his creative drive wasn’t enough to satisfy the craving for truth. Science appealed to him and it often tempted him to pursue a career befitting it. But his craving kept drawing him to imaginative storytelling. Seeking the intersection of creativity and truth, he discovered apologetics and his need for robust biblical knowledge. Alex uses his education from Oak Hills Christian College (Bemidji, MN) to imaginatively demonstrate the Christian worldview via stories. He resides in MN with his wife and sons.

Carey Bryant | Author

Carey is a self-proclaimed Bible nerd who enjoys reading old books by dead theologians. He also loves writing, sports, and playing the drums. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies where he also learned Hebrew and Greek. He lives in Tennessee with his lovely wife, who encourages him to step away from his abstract thoughts and live out his faith in the real world. At A Clear Lens, he is primarily interested in defending the reliability of the New Testament documents, and in particular the historicity of Jesus. He seeks to show others that the historical Jesus and the Christ of faith are one in the same person.

Roger Browning | Author

Roger first cried out to God at the foot of a cot in Tikrit, Iraq in 2003. He spent years wrestling with prayer, survivor’s guilt, and navigating life in a post-deployment world. Apologetics started as an honest inquiry into what reconciled the world around us. It ultimately led him to the resurrection of Jesus and changed his life. He is happily married to his wife, Rose, and a proud dad of four kids. Roger uses apologetics to communicate the reasonableness of Scripture and inspire authentic investigation.

Misty Callahan | Author

Misty is a relatively new Christian. A big part of that decision had to do with studying the history of the faith which plunged her into the world of apologetics. She is a graduate of the C.S. Lewis Institute’s Fellows Program. Currently, when Misty isn’t writing a post for the A Clear Lens team, she’s riding the radio airwaves as a traffic reporter. She enjoys reading books, drawing, quiet cups of coffee, and keeping her hair violet.

Amanda Fischer | Author

Amanda is an undergraduate studying Applied Linguistics at the University of South Florida. When she’s not picking apart grammatical structures in languages, Amanda reads just about anything, writes pieces that exceed the word limit, and spends her free time making music. Amanda first learned about apologetics when she was a young teenager, and has been totally hooked since her junior year of high school. Her favorite thing about apologetics is discovering and sharing truth with the world in a loving way. For A Clear Lens, Amanda writes about pursuing and providing truth on the college campus and other everyday situations in which we find ourselves.