Using 6 indications of authenticity from New Testament scholars to examine the historicity of the Resurrection accounts.
For a period of time in 2010 I chatted with my best friend about his faith. I had not yet developed the First Date Evangelism approach but I was asking him good questions about why he held his views....
There was a time when effective evangelism was as simple as sharing our testimony with someone or reminding them what the Bible says on a particular issue or even asking them to watch Billy Graham preach on TV. But...
3 reasons apologists should stop saying that atheism requires more faith than Christianity.
Why I no longer use two extra-biblical sources when providing evidence for the historical Jesus.
Our top 10 most-read blog posts and top 10 most-listened to podcasts of 2017.
How Christmas answers four important questions about God.
Guest Post by Amanda Fischer The other day I was listening to a montage song from the movie God's Not Dead. It is the song “God's Not Dead,” interspersed with audio clips from the exchanges between Josh, a Christian freshman...
Christian apologists should be wise when talking with unbelievers. Here are 8 conversational guidelines to follow from the book of Proverbs.

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Stories Are Windows

Stories relay experiences for audiences to enjoy, disregard or even relish. As windows reveal the outside world, so do stories reveal the metaphysical world–or...