Dr. Frank Turek explains how epigenetic information in the cell is an intractable problem for Darwinism.
Apologist David Wood shares his conversion story, one that is extraordinary to hear!
Dr. Robin Collins explains how low entropy is evidence for the fine-tuning of the universe.
Rick Larson makes a stunning case for the identity of the Star of Bethlehem. This is a must see!
What does it mean when someone says they "believe in" evolution, and is that even the right way to phrase it?
"When arguing apologetics, a Christian’s responsibility isn’t to “win.” You wouldn’t know that from scanning through forums and Facebook debates, but it’s true."
Philosopher and Theologian Dr. Vern Poythress explains the real reason why scientists should have confidence in their conclusions.
Check out this excellent video brought to you by the folks at Reasonable Faith!
Dr. Michael Behe discusses the sufficient conditions to draw a conclusion for intelligent design in nature.
The conclusion of a 2 part series dealing with the issue of how Christians should view aliens and UFOs.

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