On this episode, Nate and the team chat with Dr. Fuz Rana about how to think about transhumanism from a Christian perspective.
The notion that science and religion are at odds has been a successful ideological talking point for decades. A 2015 Pew Research Center Survey shows that 59% of Americans still believe science and religion are in conflict with one...
A conversation on the mind and the brain.
Physicist and Professor, Dr. Alexander Vilenkin, discusses his theorem proving the universe had a beginning in the finite past.
The first step in any debate must be defining the terms. It’s paramount to the success of carrying the message. To draw from a recent example, I wrote a post once expressing my view of atheism from the classic...
Columbia Professor, Dr. David Albert, discusses the problems with the assertion that consciousness affects reality.
From Ep. 65 of A Clear Lens Podcast In this clip, special guest Dr. Fuz Rana of Reasons to Believe answers these questions: What is your view of the creation account in Genesis? Does Genesis 1 get the order of events...
What does it mean when someone says they "believe in" evolution, and is that even the right way to phrase it?
The evidence available to us today supports the historicity of Genesis. Del Tackett, the host of this feature, quite simply says that “Many things are pointing in one direction” regarding the veracity of the Biblical account. This project effectively...
John Cleese lampoons behavior genetics in a very funny video.

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