Roger Browning


I first cried out to God at the foot of a cot in Tikrit, Iraq in 2003. I spent years wrestling with prayer, survivor’s guilt, and navigating life in a post-deployment world. Apologetics started as an honest inquiry into what reconciled the world around me. It ultimately led me to the resurrection of Jesus and changed my life. I am happily married to my wife, Rose, and a proud dad of four kids. I have a B.A. in Biblical & Theological Studies from Regent University and I’m a commissioned fellow at the C. S. Lewis Institute.

As a veteran, I see Christ as a soldier, a warrior who did not simply die for our sins but, first, fought against temptation and donned the weakness of flesh. Christ showed the strength and resilience possible when we become yoked to the Spirit. One of my primary passions is to encourage folks to put on the full armor of God and offer themselves to Him as weapons for righteousness.

"I want to build confidence and teach effective communication strategies that aim to transform Christians into warriors for Christ (Romans 6:13)."