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First Date Evangelism (45 minutes)
Engaging folks for Christ is increasingly difficult in today’s hostile culture. In this fun and interactive talk, Nate explains the proper order of persuasion and how to easily and effectively evangelize or give an apologetic for the Christian faith.

3 Steps to Asking Leading Questions (45 minutes)
Jesus was the master of asking leading questions to make a point. With wit and insight, Nate provides 3 simple steps to asking leading questions in order to challenge others’ beliefs or defend your Christian faith. He also incorporates training opportunities to perfect this art.

10 Tips for More Effective Conversations (45 minutes)
Good conversation is a lost art these days, but it’s also a fundamental component of sharing the Gospel or defending Christianity. With plenty of stories and examples, Nate provides 10 simple and effective tips to have great evangelistic and apologetic conversations.

Teach Like Jesus (45 minutes)
A lot of us read the Gospels and marvel at how Jesus communicated and taught to the crowds so masterfully. Utilizing his background as a public high school teacher, Nate breaks down 3 simple techniques to teach your circles of influence like Jesus.

Map Like Jesus (45 minutes)
One of the first things Jesus said to His disciples was that He would make them become fishers of men. Nate discusses the example of Jesus in the Gospels and breaks down 3 ways you can cast vision for your circles of influence like Jesus.