Carey Bryant briefly sketches out the differing views of Jesus in Christianity and Islam.
“There are far too many embarrassing details about the supposed heroes of the faith to be invented.” --Frank Turek
This appears to be an unavoidable problem with Buddhism that Christianity avoids.
The notion that Buddhism is immune to logical assessment is false
Different approaches work for different people.
This video explores Nietzsche's observations on science's limitations.
Apologist Francis Schaeffer explains what the Christian faith is and what it is not.
By knowing how to analyze, organize, and apply subject matter—while differentiating it from simple formulas—we’ll be able to harness the power of systematic thinking and make great strides in our study or argumentation.
God is doing exactly as you ask, and he’s doing it abundantly more than you could ever imagine.

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Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

This minimal facts approach is useful when discussing why believing in the resurrection is reasonable.