...atheism neglecting a foundation of the world in support of a foundation in the next. Christianity answers the questions atheism skips over; atheism is an incomplete worldview--it's left lacking.
Pop quiz: Where is the only place Hanukkah is described in the Bible? Answer: the New Testament! John 10:22-23: "At that time the Feast of Dedication took place at Jerusalem. It was winter, and Jesus was walking in the temple, in the...
Infographic by N.P. Sala
This is the conclusion to a 2 part examination of the Christian Worldview on same-sex marriage.
"If that's what a Christian is, well, by that definition, I'm a Christian."
Dr. Paul Copan discusses the Old Testament backdrop for the Christian doctrine of Creatio Ex Nihilo.
How is it possible for a loving God to allow these things to happen?
God is doing exactly as you ask, and he’s doing it abundantly more than you could ever imagine.
Opposition to secular culture is a core part of Christianity, but we've conformed to the culture instead. The Scriptural emphasis on suffering because of differences of belief is practically cover to cover. Paul said to Timothy “Indeed, all who desire...
This represents an authentic exchange between a challenger of the Christian worldview and Nate. To email a question and/or challenge send an email to: aclearlens@gmail.com.

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