Are atheist claims that the Bible contains hundreds of contradictions really true? In this series Gene attempts to dismantle some of the most common alleged discrepancies.
"This is an excellent tactic; one that must be developed through reflection and practice."
“There are far too many embarrassing details about the supposed heroes of the faith to be invented.” --Frank Turek
"God does not propagate good nor does He arbitrarily assign a definition to it, but rather moral good is a description of the character of God."
"all conclusions about experiences are themselves rationally attained..."
“We need arguments, art, and personal witness. The ear cannot say to the hand or the eye, ‘I have no need of you’: so, too, the apologist cannot say to the martyr, ‘I have my arguments; I have no...
Infographic by N.P. Sala
Apologist Francis Schaeffer explains what the Christian faith is and what it is not.
Drs. C. Stephen Evans and R. Zachary Manis briefly discuss two critiques of Hume's definition of a miracle.
Interview with Ellis Potter via Apologetics 315

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Ep. 143: “The Temptation of Christ” with Douglas Vail and Reed...

Nate and the team spend the entire episode discussing the new Christian movie "The Temptation of Christ" with its director and writer.