Drs. Gary Habermas and Michael Licona discuss non-biblical references to Jesus' crucifixion.
"There cannot be an infinite set of constructs in the midst of the emptiness of reality."
Dr. Paul Copan discusses the Old Testament backdrop for the Christian doctrine of Creatio Ex Nihilo.
The idea that Jesus’ story was taken from previous myths is rather old, and is still just as false today as it was back then.
Infographic created by Nate Sala
"God does not propagate good nor does He arbitrarily assign a definition to it, but rather moral good is a description of the character of God."
Dr. Dallas Willard discusses the hiddenness of our inner selves.
Ben Shapiro seeks to correct the contemporary understanding of Thanksgiving in this interesting video.
How is it possible for a loving God to allow these things to happen?
80% of young people who dropped out of church said they did not plan to do so during high school

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