Check out this 3 minute video on what it means to be an ambassador for Christ!
Apologist David Wood provides a quick primer on the contradictory teachings of Islam.
This appears to be an unavoidable problem with Buddhism that Christianity avoids.
By knowing how to analyze, organize, and apply subject matter—while differentiating it from simple formulas—we’ll be able to harness the power of systematic thinking and make great strides in our study or argumentation.
Drs. C. Stephen Evans and R. Zachary Manis briefly discuss two critiques of Hume's definition of a miracle.
N.P. tackles the issue of how Christians should view aliens and UFOs. Part 1 of a 2 part series.
“We need arguments, art, and personal witness. The ear cannot say to the hand or the eye, ‘I have no need of you’: so, too, the apologist cannot say to the martyr, ‘I have my arguments; I have no...
"Avoidance is the wrong move in this kind of circumstance."
Written by Stephen J Bedard and originally published at Hope's Reason There are still some Christians who acknowledge Santa Claus as a part of their Christmas celebrations. This is unacceptable. As you probably know, Santa Claus is based on the...

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Ep. 126: What Are Your Spiritual Goals for 2019?

On this episode we take the show to Facebook Live!Nate welcomes our Facebook Live listeners (:29)Nate welcomes Gene and Logan (12:38)Worldview Analysis:...