Like many Disney films, the new Beauty and the Beast is exploring what it means to find true love.  But unlike many Disney films, and most films in our secular culture, it’s exploring love in truly Christian ways. To truly...
Christians of various shades throughout the years have raised questions about whether watching films that portray God constitutes a violation of the Second Commandment.  Those Christians certainly have their hearts in the right place, but to view film as...
By Gene Gosewehr and Nate Sala Originally published at Reel World Theology Last week, RWT contributor Alexis Johnson provided a solid review of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival. This is a film that is generating a lot of buzz, and for good reason. There are moments...
“the most crucial things the Pilgrims have to say to us have nothing to do with Thanksgiving itself. Far more important than its indictment of the holiday, the Pilgrim ideal throws into bold relief the supreme individualism of modern...
"What the Christian storyteller ought to aim for, then, is to make the audience engage with their mess in a productive way. Instead of hiding from the chaos, we want people to see themselves as redeemable in light of Christ. This is what evangelism is."
Are transgender issues worth fighting?
If Lex Luthor reminds us of anything, it is that subjective morality nearly inevitably results in justified chaos and villainy.
There are those within the supposed gatherings of local bodies of Christ which are not followers at all, but rather are making play at Christianity.
"Due to their capacity for performing both good and evil deeds, antiheroes can be useful in telling stories that match a Christian worldview. But they need to be told in the right way."

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