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I grew up with a Christianity that was inherited from my parents. Sunday school, Tuesday evening bible studies, and youth group hangouts did nothing to fix that. The problem for me was not that I hadn’t heard the Gospel...
"Erotica represents everything that is wrong with our culture when it comes to our attitudes toward women."
“Look at this sex-obsessed culture.” Christians say something like this all of the time.  They look at films, books, TV shows, and news stories and they see an overflowing of sexuality that reigns free and open. In some cases, it’s not...
Are yoga pants, leggings, and other form-fitting clothing consistent with making a claim to godliness?
Like many Disney films, the new Beauty and the Beast is exploring what it means to find true love.  But unlike many Disney films, and most films in our secular culture, it’s exploring love in truly Christian ways. To truly...
On today's episode Nate chats with Andrew T. Walker, Director of Policy Studies at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and the author of God and the Transgender Debate. Some questions that Nate and Andrew discuss: How did the transgender issue become...
Part 2 of the series goes further down the rabbit hole with an explanation of religious imagery and a closer look at the notion of control.
"What the Christian storyteller ought to aim for, then, is to make the audience engage with their mess in a productive way. Instead of hiding from the chaos, we want people to see themselves as redeemable in light of Christ. This is what evangelism is."

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