Nate explains what the Church is missing and how A Clear Lens can help, and the team discusses how to speak and teach like Jesus in the 21st century.
Nate explains what he thinks Paul meant when he said "I have become all things to all people", and the team answers a question from our Facebook forum.
Nate explains how to ask leading questions to make a point (in 3 steps), and the team provides several apologetics arguments for why the Bible is trustworthy.
Nate and the team spend the entire episode discussing the new Christian movie "The Temptation of Christ" with its director and writer.
Nate spends the entire episode with Dr. J.P. Moreland chatting about his latest book: Finding Quiet.
Nate explains a shift taking place in apologetics and why it's encouraging, and he takes questions from Facebook.
Nate provides historical context in order to explain why Jesus' communion at the Last Supper is so meaningful, and he interviews Dr. Gary Habermas about his minimal facts of the resurrection.
Nate explains how engaging the culture can sometimes feel like being trapped in an escape room, and the team interviews Dr. Paul Gould about his book: Cultural Apologetics.
Nate spends the entire episode chatting with Dr. Kenneth Samples about his latest book: Classic Christian Thinkers.
Nate and the team play a trivia game about Gen Z and chat with J Warner Wallace about his book: So the Next Generation Will Know.

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