On this episode: Nate shares 2 thoughts for those waiting to get into ministry (:29) Nate welcomes Logan (10:22) Logan analyzes the culture's reaction to the death of Stan Lee (13:41) How to Talk to a Non-Believer About Sin (24:42) Sign up for our...
On this episode: Nate talks about the new Gosnell movie and the power of storytelling (:29) Nate welcomes Gene and Logan (11:33) Nate and Logan play a round of mixed trivia (12:47) How to Talk to a Non-Believer About Hell (21:40) Sign up for...

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Ep. 126: What Are Your Spiritual Goals for 2019?

On this episode we take the show to Facebook Live!Nate welcomes our Facebook Live listeners (:29)Nate welcomes Gene and Logan (12:38)Worldview Analysis:...