Welcome to our 8th episode!¬†On today’s show Eric tells the story of the circumstances surrounding why he is a Christian.

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ACL Podcast #8: Why I’m a Christian (Eric)

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  1. I really enjoyed this testimony. Towards the end of this podcast, you pointed out that the Resurrection is so amazing. I love how you want to share the Gospel to me. This is why I find it hard not to talk about religion (my faith) at work because He is Risen! I think to myself at work to other folks who claim to be Christian and won’t live it out at work: “Do you realize whom it is that you say you serve? Do you realize how amazing the miracle of the Cross really is? Has your heart, mind, and soul not been captivated with the Truth that the Truth [Jesus] was and is God came to be a Man and died for your sin-sick soul? How then can I continually live as if I do not know the One who created me and died for me?” It is beautiful and it breaks my heart that more Christians don’t want to live out His Love and His JOY at the workplace. *sigh*

    Thank you, Brother Eric!

    Thank you all (Nate, Gene, Logan, and Eric) for giving your testimonies!

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