Nate, Gene, and Logan announce the winners of the ACL Apologetics Giveaway! Thanks to all of you who participated. They also answer a question from @footofdacross and play another round of Fact or Fib: Christmas Edition!

They also chat about two topics:

  1. Does a Miracle Have to be Supernatural?
  2. Can a Christian be Pro-Life and Pro-Death penalty?

Here are some links to articles mentioned on the show:

“Aborted Fetuses Must Now Be Buried, Cremated in Texas”

“Star of Bethlehem May Not Have Been a Star After All, Scientist Says”

“Shane Claiborne on the Death Penalty, Grace, and Restorative Justice”

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Ep. 50: Do Miracles Have to Be Supernatural and Can a Christian Be Pro-Life and Pro-Death Penalty?

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