Welcome to our 41st episode! Nate, Gene, and Logan laugh their way through a brand new skit entitled: “What Will He Say Next?”. They quickly chat about summer movies and tease some important upcoming guests: Brian Godawa, Dr. Holly Ordway, and Professor Mary Jo Sharp. Stay tuned for those excellent discussions!

In this episode, the gang discusses Mormonism with Dr. Craig Hazen from Biola University. In keeping with their Comparative Religion series, Dr. Hazen analyzes the religion in three ways:

1. Its origins
2. Its diagnosis of the problem with humanity
3. Its solution to the problem

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Ep. 41: A Clear View of Mormonism with Dr. Craig Hazen

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  1. What kind of laugh does Chester Checkers have? Ha! Sala, you are a brilliant man!

    Nice movie review! Gene made a good point on DC versus Marvel. I didn’t even go see that movie for other reasons, but then I saw other reviews about how scattered it was. Also, SUICIDE SQUAD and BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN were trying to do too much too soon and desiring to catch up to Marvel. Thank goodness for Marvel building back stories before doing THE AVENGERS.

    I really appreciate Dr. Hazen studying Mormonism and shedding some light on its history too!

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