On our 37th episode, Nate, Gene, and Logan pause their Comparative Religions series to discuss 3 topics. They play a Batman trivia game with a very special mystery guest and discuss:

1. Should Christians Vote for Hillary Clinton?
2. Is Pascal’s Wager a Useful Apologetics Tool?
3. Interesting Atheist Memes

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Ep. 37: Atheist Memes, Pascal’s Wager, and Vote4Hillary?

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Here are the atheist memes featured in today’s episode. They come from an article entitled “26 Atheist Memes That Will Make You Reconsider the Value of Religion.” Click on the picture to make them larger. Feel free to continue the conversation in our Comments Section below!

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  1. I love the work that you guys do! You all going close to 2 hours is not a bad thing either. It really shows that you all are trying to get to the heart of the matter. We live in a world that should enjoy civil discourse, instead of sound bite arguments.

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