On our 33rd episode, Nate, Gene, and Logan discuss Nate’s attendance at a Biola Apologetics Conference, Donald Trump as the GOP frontrunner, a question from Twitter (@carey_bryant7), and analyze a video clip of Sam Harris discussing:

How Should We Understand the Bible?

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Ep. 33: Sam Harris on How to Understand the Bible

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  1. I hope to study the “AC Graylings” or some other philosophers one day on their view of atheism. Much of it now is pretty bad to me.

    What’s sad to me is that many of these famous atheists can show themselves to be uninterested in the arguments for Christianity. There are some strong arguments for belief in a Designer, a personal God, and the work of Jesus and His life and death on a cross. But if you come to Christianity with all of your preconceived notions of what you think it is, even if you have read the Bible backwards and forwards, then you will get nowhere away from your biased viewpoint that at its foundation does not hold any weight!

    Thanks guys for doing some lifting when it comes to picking up the weight of what Harris argues and showing that his “points” are lighter than a feather!

    Keep it up!

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