Welcome to our 31st episode!

On today’s show (4.11.16) Nate and the gang welcome special guest Tyler Vela from The Freed Thinker Podcast. They played a round of “Name that Movie” with guest host Sean Connery and discuss two topics:

1. Is the apologetics in “God’s Not Dead 2” useful?
2. Which movies do you use as analogies in conversations with non-believers?

Some links discussed on the show:

“Ask a Millennial Christian Podcast” by Owen Paun
“The Church Should See ‘God’s Not Dead 2′” by Nate Sala

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Ep. 31: “God’s Not Dead 2” & Apologetics in Film

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    • Tim, Gary Habermas is a professor of philosophy and religion at Liberty University. He’s known for having debated Antony Flew, for the “minimal facts” approach to apologetics, and for various books about the resurrection of Jesus.

      If you Google around, you’ll definitely be able to find out a ton about him!

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