Welcome to our 3rd episode! On today’s show Nate, Gene, Logan, and Eric play a game called “Hollywood Theology” and discuss 2 issues:

1. The current state of biblical illiteracy in the church
2. Whether Christians should give countenance to books like “Heaven Is For Real” when they think about Heaven.

Some links mentioned in the episode:

“4 Ways the Modern Church Looks Nothing Like the Early Church”

“The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven Retracts Story”

“The Bible Is Sufficient to Know Heaven Is Real”

ACL Podcast Ep. 3: Biblical Illiteracy & How We Should View Heaven

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  1. Glad that I am following you all with these podcasts. It will a joy to hear you all’s testimony as well. Didn’t I hear that you all will be doing that in the future from this podcast?

    Also, I love the fact that you all played a “game” of sorts. That was a different way of doing a podcast.

    I am glad that you all discussed the books on people “going to heaven” and biblical illiteracy. I think these were very important issues to have discussed. I was thinking earlier when you discussed the stories of heaven, it hit me that people get so infatuated with these stories when they should be more in awe of the Christ they say they have accepted in their heart. When it comes to encouraging others to read their bible: pray continuously and possibly share something that you have learned from God’s Word and what is has done for you [if you have a deep desire for God’s Word like that].

    In Christ,

    Jerome Danner

    • Thanks Jerome! We appreciate you listening and sharing with us your thoughts! Yes, we will each be doing an individual (15 minute-ish) podcast sharing our testimonies coming next week. I think we’ll make an official announcement in a day or two.

      Totally agree with your comments here on Heaven and the Bible. Glad you liked the game! We’re gonna stick with it… at least, as long as I can come up with questions for them. Ha. Gene’s the one to beat. 🙂

      Thanks again, Jerome!
      Your brother in Christ,

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