Welcome to our 1 year anniversary episode!

On today’s show (12.21.15), Nate, Gene, and Logan welcome fellow ACL author Roger Browning as they chit-chat about the future of Gene’s blog Let There Be Movies, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, university studies, and plans for next year. They also laugh their way through The ACL Christmas Carol with the ACL All-Stars, play a Bible-Christmas game, and discuss two topics:

1. What is your most favorite and least favorite word (related to theology)?
2. What are some of your family’s Christmas traditions?

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Ep. 28: The Christmas Episode (a.k.a Word Burritos)

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*Sound effects by Mike Koenig
*’O Holy Night’ guitar and singing by (if you liked it) Nate Sala, or (if you didn’t like it) Heathen Stawking


  1. It’s been a year?? Wow, how time flies!! This ministry (especially through the podcast form it it) has been a blessing to me. It has encouraged me to continue growing in my own thinking and seeking the Lord’s Will about being a Christian who is interested in pursuing philosophy and ministry in some form.

    I will miss not having an episode from you all for a while. Take care!

    In Christ,


  2. Listening to Nate’s version of O HOLY NIGHT and I am surprised! Excellent, my brother! It is a nice way to end this Christmas day in 2015. Peace and God bless you!

    In Christ,


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