Welcome to our 24th episode!

On today’s show (10.14.15) Nate, Gene, and Logan interact with the latest silliness from the Nate News and enjoy a new commercial from the Joppa Brothers. They also discuss two topics:

1. Will Reading the Bible Make You an Atheist?
2. Is Being Involved in Politics a Christian Responsibility?

Links to things mentioned on the show:

“Penn Jillette: Reading the Bible (or the Koran, or the Torah) Will Make You an Atheist”

ACL Podcast #24: Will Reading the Bible Make You an Atheist?

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  1. Enjoying this podcast as usual! It is a bit frustrating to me whenever I hear these well-known atheists make statements that in many cases are just founded in any way.

    Thanks again, fellas!

  2. Just heard Logan’s question and Gene’s response too! With respect to Gene, sometimes, I feel that I do not care to vote in this country. It is not because I do not care about where we go economically and socially, amongst other things, but because politics, better yet, politicians, and their rhetoric, seem to divide so many people in ways that I do not like or appreciate. Plus, there are some politicians that have similar views to me with their different [policies, but I have come to realize that many of them won’t be able to get many of their policies pushed in the terms that they are actually in office. Sometimes, we, as citizens, won’t see the actual consequences of decisions made by politicians until some time after they have gotten out of office. Now, I vote [a small reason that I vote] is because I am an African American and I am from Selma, Alabama. People literally fought, died, got beat up, were jailed, and protested for me to have that right. So, believe you me, I will exercise the right as long as I am alive.

    I really appreciate the talks that you brothers give and your essays.

    Peace and blessings!

    Jerome – 1st “A Clear Lens” Groupie

    • I get you, Jerome. Politics and politicians can be ridiculously frustrating. And I would say you’re totally within your rights not to vote. But, like I said, if you don’t vote I don’t wanna hear about how bad things are! 😉

      Also, dude, I reviewed Selma on LTBM. Did you read that or see the movie? Thoughts?

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