Welcome to our 18th episode! ¬†On today’s show (7.8.15) Nate, Gene, and Logan laugh their way through some headlines, another ridiculous fake commercial from Rick Jezebel and discuss two issues:

1. 22 Reasons to Stop Believing in God, Really? (in which the gang interacts with a video from the Friendly Atheist)
2. Are Drinking and Gambling Sins or Liberties?

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ACL Podcast #18: 22 Reasons to Stop Believing in God, Really?

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  1. I am 100% sure Mr Mehta has read the bible and is speaking from scripture. Send an email and ask him. I think you will find that “public atheists”, and by that I mean those that have blogs and actively pursue a refutation of Christianity on their blogs and sites, are quite well-read when it comes to the bible.

    • Thanks for the comment, Todd. I take it your comment is in response to the question I asked whether Mehta has actually read the Bible or if he’s asking some of these questions based on what’s heard. Since you believe he actually has read Scripture (and, as we pointed out, has misrepresented it and Christian doctrine so entirely), do you think he’s asking some of these questions for the purposes of misleading atheists? I’m just curious. Thanks again for the interaction!

      • I suppose you would have to ask him why he made those statements (for the most part they are statements, not questions), but if I had to answer, I would say: No, he is not making these statements to mislead atheists; atheists are already “misled” as they don’t, by definition, believe in God. Since the majority of his audience are avowed atheists, my guess is that this is simply a fun and funny blog poking fun at some of the inconsistencies surrounding believing in God. You can read it more like “here are some inconsistencies Christians should think about when they believe in God, but they don’t so let’s have a little chuckle at that.” Case in point:

        “Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin? Christian. Barney Frank? Not a Christian.” This is a funny dig at the Christian worldview saying that uninformed, ignorant celebrities are hailed as Christians, and exemplary ones at that, while Frank, a well-informed politician who is openly gay, has no chance at being Christian simply because he is gay.

        The reason I originally wanted to point out that Mr. Mehta probably knows his Bible is because Logan suggested that what is written or not written in the Scriptures is the final arbiter of the intentions of God, meaning what God is or isn’t thinking. Since I suppose Mehta knows his Bible, he is likely to come back at you with a number of inconsistencies in the Bible which will show that you can’t really use the Bible as a proof of God’s thinking. The 2 sets of 10 Commandments (Exodus 20 and Exodus 34, Ex 34 being the one with not cooking a goat in its mother’s milk and is the one actually identified in Scripture as “the” ten commandments) come to mind here.

        Mehta also probably knows that there are places in the Bible where it does indeed say God knows and sees everything (Prov 15:3, Job 34:21), and then there are parts that show God doesn’t know everything (Gen 18:21). There are scriptures that say he is all powerful (Jer 32:27) and parts where he clearly is not all-powerful (Judg 1:19). Mehta also knows that all one needs to do is Google “Bible inconsistencies” and a whole host of sites will pop up with these references. Double-checking on the thousands of Bible-verse sites that exist will confirm all of it.

        This is what I mean when I say that “public atheists” are well-read when it comes to the Bible.

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