Welcome to our 16th episode! On today’s Theology-themed show (06.10.15), Nate, Gene, and Logan discuss a question from Twitter on their views of biblical inerrancy, play a game of biblical “Who Said It?” and tackle two topics:

1. The Silence of Scripture
2. Sin: What Is It and Did God Create It?

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ACL Podcast #16: The Silence of Scripture & Did God Create Sin?

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  1. Like I have written before, I think people are going to start thinking that you all like to talk about the heavy stuff. Another podcast that I enjoyed. Keep it up brothers!

  2. According to the Gospel of Mary and I think also Thomas if I remember right, sin has no real existence. It is also explained in A Course in Miracles as unreal. So asking if God made it seems a rather odd question. It may only be possible to ask it in the context of an exoteric literalist reading of the Bible.

    Which is not to say it is not worth discussing. Just that it’s not an issue once one delves beyond the literal.

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