Welcome to our 15th episode! On today’s show (5.27.15) Nate, Gene, and Logan laugh their way through a new headlines segment and discuss two issues:

1. The Duggar controversy and how should the Christians respond to sex offenders within the church?
2. The Arizona pastors’ feud with a progressive church that denies key doctrinal issues

Links to topics discussed on the show:

“My Beloved” by Eric Pelletier

“Who Created God?” with William Lane Craig

“Josh Duggar on Child Molestation Report: ‘I Acted Inexcusably'”

“Theology Feud Pits Half of Town’s Protestant Churches Against Another”

ACL Podcast #15: The Duggar Controversy & Arizona Pastors’ Feud

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  1. I really enjoy this podcast. It is like my favorite show to be on the lookout for. During its regular season run, I wait for PERSON OF INTEREST and MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD every week and you all’s podcast is like that.

    On another note, I appreciate the “Duggar segment” because it was done tastefully. You all didn’t let it sound like Christians “gossiping about another Christian.” Thank God!

  2. I agree your post was done tastefully. I disagree on some points though. “Sex offenders have a low propensity to reoffend.” Many studies show they do have a high rate of reoffending. Even after prison. I also feel like one of your guests said he wouldn’t leave his child alone with any other adult. What about aunts, uncles, close family friends? Sex offenders aren’t usually strangers. They aren’t always aquaintences…they unfortunately, are many times close family friends or relatives. Please don’t be naive. God Bless.

    • Thanks for the comment C.! Appreciate your thoughts and concerns here. I’m curious, if you challenge the 2012 DOJ study I cited, can you provide some links to these other studies you’re referencing so our listeners can stay informed? Thanks again C.

      • The Center for Sex Offender Management (CSOM), which is a project of DOJ, states a 52% rate of reoffending for child molesters over a 25 year period. I interpret that as a high number.

        As with any study, there are variables. For example, one study may look at 10 years after the offense. But is that 10 years after the offense, (in which case 8 of those years are spent incarcerated) or 10 years after release from prison? Studies can be confusing. I just know I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving my child alone with anyone that has a past history of sexual abuse.

    • Thanks for the comment, C. You’re right about sex offenders typically being family members. Something like between 80 and 90% if I recall the last numbers I saw. I had a scenario recently that I was reluctant to give specifics on in the podcast, but my son was potentially going to be staying the night with a cousin. I was somewhat leery about this and began the early stages of some questions about it with my wife. He ended up not staying for other reasons but given the Duggar news in the headlines, I was thinking about that more.

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