Welcome to our 14th episode! On today’s show (5.13.15) Nate and Gene hold down the fort while Logan and Eric are away. They discuss the missing 13th episode, listen to the latest fake commercial, and discuss three issues:

1. Which movies are appropriate for Christians to watch and which are appropriate for Christian actors to participate in?
2. Are mercy killings morally justifiable?
3. The Mind/Body Problem: What is it and is it useful for apologetics?

Links to topics discussed on the show:

Let There Be Movies (Gene’s site)

“Zero Dark Thirty and the Christian Faith”

“Chilling Facebook Confession by Father Who Shot Dead His Daughter..”

“Note to Physicalists: If the Mind is Not the Brain then We Have Souls”

ACL Podcast Ep. 14: Movies, Euthanasia, & the Mind/Body Problem

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  1. Wow, fellas! Thanks for answering my question, but you followed it up with a discussion on mercy killing that is really heavy. Thank you for thinking and having this discussion.

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