Welcome to our 12th episode! On today’s show (4.15.15) Nate, Gene, Logan, and Eric laugh their way through the latest sponsor and discuss two issues:

1. Is Common Core Against Moral Facts?
2. What Is the Proper Christian Response to Same Sex Ire Over Cakes?

Links to topics discussed on the show:

“Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts”

“Christian Who Asked Gay Rights Bakery to Anti-Gay Marriage Cake May Face Legal Action”

Ep. 12: Moral Facts & Gay Cakes

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  1. First – TY for the SO

    second-the gay cake deal (I did that on purpose) is a double standard exposed, but by a terrible means (Feurenstein). Also, shouldn’t we be standing up for the right of those bakers to ‘refuse’ to make any cake-smh

    Third-Nat -the voices / sponsors-highlight of the show-& an awesome Kasey Kasem imitation


    • Ha! Thanks Tony! Appreciate the comment AND the fact that you like the sponsors/voices! Better that they come out in the show then stay in my head, I suppose.

      And you’re absolutely right, we should be standing up for this baker who didn’t want to bake Feuerenstein’s cake. It’s consistent with our position that companies should be able to opt out of providing service to events/ideas that go against their convictions. Great point!

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