Author Mark B. Woodhouse discusses the genetic fallacy.
A visual walkthrough of Alvin Plantinga's modal ontological argument.
"God does not propagate good nor does He arbitrarily assign a definition to it, but rather moral good is a description of the character of God."
Author Mark B. Woodhouse discusses the fallacy of petitio principii.
Dr. Greg Ganssle focuses on the evidential argument, or what he calls "The Unicorn Objection."
Dr. Greg Ganssle continues to investigate the deductive form of the problem of evil.
Dr. Greg Ganssle provides an excellent primer on the philosophical problem of evil.
The crew at Reasonable Faith have offered another cool video, this time on the Moral Argument for God.
Frances Schaeffer discusses why absolutes are necessary for our existence to have meaning.
Apologist David Wood shares his conversion story, one that is extraordinary to hear!

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