"You cannot hold the view that's it's absolutely true that there is no objective truth."
Watch Dr. William Lane Craig explain why God's foreknowledge does not mean we have no free will.
Dr. William Lane Craig explains how objective morality only makes sense if it comes from God.
Dr. John Nolt et al. provide a definition for post hoc ergo propter hoc as well as why it flounders as an inductive fallacy.
Dr. John Nolt et al., explains what a red herring is and how it evades the real issue.
Dr. John Nolt et al. explain how the "appeals to ignorance" argument is a false dichotomy.
Drs. John Nolt, Dennis Rohatyn, and Achille Varzi discuss fallacious arguments that appeal to authority and to the people.
Drs. John Nolt, Dennis Rohatyn, and Achille Varzi explain the tu quoque fallacy.
Author Mark B. Woodhouse explains the pitfalls of the slippery slope argument.
Mark B. Woodhouse discusses the straw man fallacy.

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