Dr. John Nolt et al. explain how the "appeals to ignorance" argument is a false dichotomy.
Rhodes Scholar
"My criterion for 'relevant to morality of abortion' is standard consequentiliast morality."
Frances Schaeffer discusses why absolutes are necessary for our existence to have meaning.
Dr. Greg Ganssle provides an excellent primer on the philosophical problem of evil.
A philosophical discussion about the eastern spiritual worldview.
Dr. John Nolt et al. provide a definition for post hoc ergo propter hoc as well as why it flounders as an inductive fallacy.
Dr. Greg Ganssle focuses on the evidential argument, or what he calls "The Unicorn Objection."
"We must always assess others’ ideas fairly in order to be good thinkers."
By knowing how to analyze, organize, and apply subject matter—while differentiating it from simple formulas—we’ll be able to harness the power of systematic thinking and make great strides in our study or argumentation.

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