Philosopher and author J.P. Moreland discusses how neuroscience is irrelevant to the debate over the soul's existence.
Christianity is not true because a benevolent God would not design vicious parasites. There are varying examples that people use, but this argument is a common one.  Christians point to numerous examples of fine-tuning as evidence for intelligent design.  The...
Drs. John Nolt, Dennis Rohatyn, and Achille Varzi discuss fallacious arguments that appeal to authority and to the people.
Infographic by N.P. Sala
Dr. John Nolt et al., explains what a red herring is and how it evades the real issue.
"by what criterion do Buddhists distinguish between genuine experiences and fabricated ones?"
Guest post by Mike Williams Is the resurrection of Jesus believable? This is the question I have been asked to answer for a class that I am currently enrolled in. My initial reaction to this questions is an affirmative, no!...
Dr. Greg Ganssle provides an excellent primer on the philosophical problem of evil.
Written by Raymond Tallis and originally published by The Guardian on May 27, 2013.
A quick walkthrough for the existence of God.

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