Christianity is not true because a benevolent God would not design vicious parasites. There are varying examples that people use, but this argument is a common one.  Christians point to numerous examples of fine-tuning as evidence for intelligent design.  The...
"the brain is a collection of separable parts (i.e. temporal, frontal, parietal, occipital lobes, etc.) yet our experience of ourselves is unified by an indivisible and enduring 'I'."
Dr. John Nolt et al., explains what a red herring is and how it evades the real issue.
Dr. John Nolt et al. explain how the "appeals to ignorance" argument is a false dichotomy.
"If it can be shown that the mind is immaterial then human beings have souls."
Author Mark B. Woodhouse discusses the fallacy of petitio principii.
"There cannot be an infinite set of constructs in the midst of the emptiness of reality."
It is hardly controversial to point out that our common-sense intuitions comport with the view that the external world exists independent of our minds.
"It does much credit to the heart of the ultra-monist Vedantins that they have always been ready to help others towards liberation; it does very little credit to their head, for what logic can there possibly be in seeking...
"if somehow it was a physical property and if it manifests at the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg, then the single soul has split into two souls."

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Ep. 126: What Are Your Spiritual Goals for 2019?

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