It is hardly controversial to point out that our common-sense intuitions comport with the view that the external world exists independent of our minds.
A college paper refuting H.J. McCloskey's atheism.
If Lex Luthor reminds us of anything, it is that subjective morality nearly inevitably results in justified chaos and villainy.
By knowing how to analyze, organize, and apply subject matter—while differentiating it from simple formulas—we’ll be able to harness the power of systematic thinking and make great strides in our study or argumentation.
Christianity is not true because a benevolent God would not design vicious parasites. There are varying examples that people use, but this argument is a common one.  Christians point to numerous examples of fine-tuning as evidence for intelligent design.  The...
The notion of objective morality is explored in this helpful video starring Dr. Peter Kreeft.
This cool video helps to explain how the universe is evidence for God based on Leibniz' cosmological argument.
Were Adam and Eve created free, innocent, and/or predetermined to sin?
Dr. William Lane Craig explains why God cannot be timeless if the temporal world exists.
Dr. Norm Geisler explains why you should not be persuaded by the fallacy of irrelevant conclusion.

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