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Tomorrow: How to Speak Like Jesus to Today's Culture

Nate Sala, President of A Clear Lens, Inc.

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Who Are You Preaching To?

I came across a question recently that we don’t ask nearly often enough: What is the core theme of the gospel?  It occured to me that there are, to some extent, multiple correct answers to this. We could say redemption.

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Ep. 145: What’s the Best Way to Learn Apologetics?

On this episode: Nate explains what Paul meant when he said “I have become all things to all people” (:29)Nate welcomes Gene & Logan (12:03)Worldview Analysis: Alyssa Milano’s Sex Strike (14:45)What’s the Best Way to Learn Apologetics? (23:20) Sign up

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aerial view of Jerusalem

What If We Discovered Jesus’ Bones?

What would I do if it could be proven that Jesus did not physically rise from the dead? Would I continue to believe in Jesus? Would I adopt a completely new interpretation of Jesus’ resurrection? Would I change my religion to something else? Or would I abandon Christianity and religion altogether?

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Podcast #52: Best of ACL Podcast 2016

Some of the best moments of our show in 2016 have been compiled for your listening pleasure! These “Best of” moments include Batman Youth Pastor, Trumpogetics University, Brock the Internet Atheist, Rapture Rob, “What Will He Say Next?” with Chester Checkers and much more! This episode also has some of

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Podcast #51: Christmas Episode 2016

Merry Christmas and welcome to our 2 year anniversary episode! On today’s show (12.19.15), Nate, Gene, and Logan check out the new movie trailer for “Brock Sleighs Christmas” and laugh their way through the ACL Christmas Special with the ACL alum. They also answer a question from @SoulGalactic on the

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