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On tomorrow's episode... Should We Get Rid of Traditional Sermons?

Nate Sala, President of A Clear Lens, Inc.

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Ep. 134: How Has the Culture Influenced the Church?

On this episode: Nate responds to an article on what Millennials really think about evangelism (:29)Nate welcomes Gene & Logan (14:54)Worldview Analysis: Trump Signing Bibles (18:00)How Has the Culture Influenced the Church? (26:08) Articles discussed on the show:What Millennials Really

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Ep. 132: Should Christians Avoid Secular Weddings?

On this episode: Nate talks about his experience and message for Summit View Church Camp (:28)Nate welcomes Gene & Logan (11:29)Worldview Analysis: Oscar Winners (14:54)Should Christians Avoid Secular Weddings? (26:10) Sign up for our unique newsletter that contains material only

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