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How to Prepare to Give an Answer

Nate Sala: Teacher, Speaker, President of A Clear Lens, Inc.

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Concepts Create Idols

Nate discusses the mistakes that some non-believers make when thinking about religious belief as well as the dangers of confirmation bias.

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Podcast #59: When Your Church Leaves You Behind with Aaron White

On today’s episode Nate and Gene welcome Aaron White of the Feelin’ Film Podcast! They analyze Showtime’s Twin Peaks: The Return for another Worldview Segment and play a fun, movie trivia game (led by Gene this time). The fellas also chat with Aaron about his experiences with Eastlake Church and their decision

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Podcast #57: The Fate of the Apostles with Sean McDowell

On today’s episode Nate, Gene, and Logan, listen to an ad for a new board game, Life: The Joel Osteen Edition. Logan analyzes “American Gods” in the latest Worldview Segment. Nate chats with Sean McDowell about his doctoral research on the question of the martyrdom of Jesus’ disciples. Finally, the

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