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How to Prepare to Give an Answer

Nate Sala: Teacher, Speaker, President of A Clear Lens, Inc.

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Concepts Create Idols

Nate discusses the mistakes that some non-believers make when thinking about religious belief as well as the dangers of confirmation bias.

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Podcast 66: Does God Hate People and the ACLU and White Supremacists

On today’s episode Nate, Gene, and Logan are introduced by Lego Batman. They play a game of “Who Said It: Republican or Democrat?” And they discuss two topics: Does God Hate People The ACLU, White Supremacists, and Logical Consistency Article mentioned in the show: “U.S. Rights Group Rethinks Defending Hate

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Podcast 65: Who Was Adam? with Dr. Fuz Rana of Reasons to Believe

On today’s episode, Nate and Gene play a Genesis trivia game, analyze a television clip from ABC’s The View on being a “pansexual homorantic”, and they welcome biochemist and apologist Dr. Fuz Rana (of Reasons to Believe) on the show to discuss his recent book: Who Was Adam? A Creation Model Approach

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Podcast #64: How Would Jesus Blog? with Tom Gilson

On today’s episode, Nate and Gene laugh their way through a skit called “A World Like That”. They analyze an article from Philosophy Now entitled: “I Find That Offensive by Claire Fox” and they welcome author and apologist Tom Gilson on the show to discuss his latest book: How Would Jesus Blog? Don’t forget to

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Podcast #63: Ten Years of Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley

On today’s episode Nate and Gene kick off their new video podcast with a 4th of July game. They also discuss some recent comments by Miley Cyrus for the latest Worldview Analysis segment. And Nate chats with Justin Brierley about the apologetics radio show Unbelievable? as well as Justin’s latest

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