We’ve traveled some distance with these Funsized series of posts. Initially, when I thought of the idea to do something like this, I wanted to share what I considered basic essentials to Christian development. The question I kept asking myself was: What would I tell a brand new Christian to read first?

So I started with Funsized Tactics based off the book Tactics by Greg Koukl. This is an essential book to have in your library as it deals specifically with how to engage with nonbelievers and skeptics in a nonconfrontational and winsome manner. In this regard no other book comes close! I actually read this book as a brand new believer and I still regularly use Koukl’s “Columbo” strategies to discuss my beliefs with others.

After dealing with how to share your faith (even with minimal knowledge of Scripture or theology) with the Funsized Tactics series, the next big thing that I figured a new Christian would need to know is how to do good inductive Bible study. So I started the Funsized Bible Study series based off the book Grasping God’s Word by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays. I actually had to go through this book in an inductive class at the university, and I loved the way the authors explain the process and break it down in steps.

So, now that we’ve done a series on developing excellent apologetics and evangelistic skills and how to do good, sound inductive Bible study, I have decided that we should go over some basics on how to be good Christian thinkers!

So, in the spirit of Paul’s exhortation to be adults in our thinking in 1 Corinthians 14:20, I want to announce the next Funsized Series:

Funsized Fallacies

Funsized Fallacies

Stay tuned….


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