As a relatively recent follower of Jesus of Nazareth, I am encouraged by the intellectually robust faith system in which I have put my trust. That is, I do not believe in Jesus as a means to achieve happiness or feel good about the harsh uncertainties of life. I believe in Jesus because what He said about the world is true. A common feature of today’s spiritual believer (even some Christians) is to seek out personal experience as either superior to or in place of logic and reason. However, since logic and reason are centerpieces to the furniture of this reality, I think it is foolish to disregard them.

This is not to discount the deeply spiritual experiences entailed in worshiping God. I simply mean to point out that the Christian faith, properly understood, entails every aspect of your self — body, mind, soul (Mark 12:30) – as they work together in symbiosis. Because of this (and other reasons), Christianity sits at the top of the list in the marketplace of religious ideas. I fear many people do not understand this, nor do they realize that truth should be the only gauge by which to consider religious beliefs. It is out of this concern that I created A Clear Lens.

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Speaker, Educator, President of A Clear Lens, Inc. and host of A Clear Lens Podcast. B.Sc., M.Ed. Lives in Las Vegas with his wife, two sons, and dogs.


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