Logan Judy, Author

You know those church poster-children, who do all of the good things at services and make all of the right moral choices when it counts?  That was me as a kid. I’ve never done drugs.  I didn’t swear.  I didn’t have sex.  Sadly, that was the only thing that really made me a “Christian” for quite a while.  I went to church and I didn’t do bad stuff.  Throw in some occasional Bible reading and there you have it!

Then my mom got cancer.  After the seemingly endless prayers asking God why it happened and why I had to watch my mom get so weak she could barely make it from the bed to the couch, I woke up.  I started paying attention.  I stopped being a plastic Christian and starting really looking for ways I could work for God.  And after he healed my mother, I kept looking, and kept searching.  I still don’t know why my mother got cancer, but I have no doubt to this day that Jehovah used that to get my attention and bring me to Him.

So that’s led me to where I am now, passionate about serving God, and addressing the most underestimated power of our time: entertainment and culture.  I believe that Christians often make one of two mistakes when it comes to engaging the culture.  They either ignore it completely and try to live sheltered lives away from the world, or they make minimal, weak standards and participate as a worldly person with little to distinguish them from the world.  The proper thing to do, instead, is to engage.  To combat the culture.  To, instead of ignoring or participating, shining light on those things and showing boldly and without reservation what Jehovah says about those things.  Only then will we stop overlooking the power of media and the power of culture.

So that’s what I consider my mission.  That’s why I myself am a writer, both as an author, and as a blogger.  I’m also married, entering my last year of college, and finding my relationship with Jehovah through Jesus more real, and more humbling, with every step.

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