Letter to the Editor

Have a strong feeling about something you read? Are you not able to comment because the comments section is closed? Write a letter to the editor! A Letter to the Editor is a way for you to communicate and/or debate a topic that the ACL authors have previously discussed in some form (either in post or on our podcast). Write out your thoughts below and we may post/engage it in the future!

Guidelines for Letter to the Editor:

  1. Be clear and concise: Strive to avoid rambling or digressing. If your thoughts run too long they may not be included in future Letters to the Editor segments.
  2. Be factual: Strive to avoid getting your facts wrong or making things up when engaging with a topic.
  3. Avoid personal attacks: Even if you strongly disagree with something one of our authors has said, calling them names is not an argument. Don’t do it.
  4. Proofread your letters: Just a quick check will do. Always want to put your best foot forward!
  5. Don’t worry if your letter is not addressed: You may bring up a topic that has been addressed before.

Send your “Letter to the Editor” entry to hello@clearlens.org