You know all those stories about faithful church-going kids that went away to college and lost their faith? Well, just flip that script and you’re coming close to my story. I wouldn’t say I was hostile to religion, but I never gave it a chance until my second year at Purdue University. I was compelled to take an honest look at The Bible and give it a chance. Through a lot of study, research and soul searching I became convinced of the Gospel message and gave my life over to Christ.

I’m a fairly analytical person so approaching Christianity from an apologetics angle really appealed to me as my search for logical, reasonable answers to life’s big questions continued. I think one of the biggest challenges for the church today is Christians who don’t really know what Jesus taught and who really don’t know what or why they believe. Being a Christian and having faith doesn’t mean checking your brain at the door. God blessed us with a sense of reason and logic in order that we may use those intellectual tools to seek out some deeper truths in life.

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  1. Hey, i’m so encouraged to find you young folks so sold out for Jesus. Since discovering your site I repost many of them on my FB site ( and my twitter feed (@rciervo). I currently finishing my D.Min in apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary. Always looking for good original material – thanks for your contribution!