Rhodes Scholar
All the chewy goodness of one of the best books on worldview assessment; now in new fun-sized bites! Part Three: “How Critical Thinking Saves Faith” Dr. Nancy Pearcey begins this final chapter by reminding us of a biblical truth: “The one...
New Testament - Acts
Check out our new focus for the Funsized series!
Argumentum ab hannis in Latin means “argument because of age”
Drs. John Nolt, Dennis Rohatyn, and Achille Varzi explain the tu quoque fallacy.
New Testament - Gospels
What Do We Bring to the Context?
Perfecting Columbo

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Ep. 126: What Are Your Spiritual Goals for 2019?

On this episode we take the show to Facebook Live!Nate welcomes our Facebook Live listeners (:29)Nate welcomes Gene and Logan (12:38)Worldview Analysis:...