During my undergraduate degree I took a course on Inductive Bible Study. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase before; what it means, roughly, is to read the Bible in a particular manner so as to draw good interpretive conclusions supported by strong evidence. In this case, our conclusions are otherwise known as hermeneutics and our evidence(s) is Scripture. For the class I was assigned an excellent textbook entitled Grasping God’s Word by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays. The book gives a five-step method that I think is clever and very helpful to the enterprise of biblical interpretation. I have already returned to this book on a number of occasions (since graduating) to remind myself of the useful principles and steps therein. Since I think all Christians benefit from developing solid interpretive skills Grasping God’s Word will be the focus of our next Funsized series.

Check back with us soon for our first entry – Chapter 1: Bible Translations!


  1. Yes! I’ve used this book to teach basic hermeneutics to my high school Sunday School class. Great text! Very clear and helps to build a good, systematic, rational approach to the Bible.