Over the weekend I caught David Wood’s extraordinary story of how he became a Christian. This is a must-see video! What I particularly appreciate about Wood’s testimony is that it effortlessly weaves apologetics into his experiences to explain the problems with his secular worldview. This is something that I don’t see very often but believe to be crucial to help take someone’s testimony beyond simple, subjective experience and into the objective realm that applies to us all.

I think the reason Wood weaves apologetics into his testimony is because apologetics was crucial to his own conversion. Note the 3 things that were compelling to him just prior to becoming a Christian:

  1. The Design argument: “Why did I blindly accept the extraordinary claim that life arose spontaneously from non-life without demanding some very good evidence?”
  2. The Fate of the Apostles: “The disciples were dying for something that they saw. What could convince so many different people that they had all seen a resurrected man? I could explain one witness by saying he’s crazy but all of them?”
  3. God, the Standard: “On the one hand, I believed that human beings are lumps of cells, meaningless lumps of cells, and that everything we did was pointless. At the same time I believed that I was the best, most important person in the entire world. How is it possible to be the best, most important, worthless lump of cells? If there were to be some sort of best person that would require something like a standard of good; and that would require something like God, and then someone like Jesus would be better than me.”

Please watch Wood’s testimony and then pass it on!


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